With the WOKO rectangular magnet for profiles, you are able to lift and transport single or complete bundles of profiles.

The magnet housing consists of a robust welded construction with double straps.

When using two or multiple magnets, the magnets are attached to fixed, short or telescopic beams. Magnets with moevable lifting gears, e.g. attached to a beam, adapt itself to the bend of the load.


Available Options

  • Emergency power supply
  • Variable adjustment of the magnet voltage
  • Hot material transport - with a special construction profile transport up to 650°C
  • Suspension custom-made
  • Radio control
  • Customized beams for two or multiple magnets: fixed, short or telescopic beams
  • Short beam: laterally rotating magnets (90°)
  • High performance magnets for carrier package transport on separate crane trolley
  • Extra narrow magnets for lifting between flanges

Pictures of different options

Profil-Magnet   Profil-Magnet
 Profile Bundle Magnet   Profile Bundle Magnet
Profil-Magnet   Profil-Magnet
Profile Bundle Magnet with security device   Profile Bundle Magnet with adjustable beam from 4 to 9 mts
Profilbund-Magnet      Bund-Magnet
Telescopic Magnet Beam with rotatable Magnets for profile bundles   Telescopic Magnet Beam with wire for hot profile bundles up to 16 mts long

Technical Datasheets

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