Fixe Traverse    

WOKO fixed beam is used to lift various ferromagnetic loads on one or multiple attachment points. The used two or multiple magnets are attached to fixed or movable suspension devices.

The crosspiece transmits the attached weight, such as slabs, plates and profiles, to the crane hook.

The beams are robustly engineered for heavy duty application to meet the various industrial applications. The magnet housing consists of a robust welded construction with double straps.


Available Options

  • Customized beams with sheaves or direct connection to the crane trolley
  • Three or four point beams
  • With loose loops, ropes or chains
  • Customized beams for two or multiple magnets
  • Hot material transport - with a special construction

Pictures of different options

Fixe Traverse       Fixe Traverse
Fixe Traverse   Fixe Traverse

Technical Datasheets

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